Why Choose HydroN?

high pressure Processing (HPP)

A cold pasteurization method designed to eliminate
food borne pathogens and other spoilage organisms, and
extend our products shelf life, while preserving its nutritional value.

fresh produce

Every bottle contains fresh handpicked cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juice in order to maximize quality.

Raw and Unfiltered local Honey

A low glycemic index and a great source of antioxidants, prebiotics, and bee pollen and bee propolis.

Sea Salt

Electrolytes are very important to stay hydrated. That’s why we add sea salt, to replenish and provide you with extra electrolytes.   

Our Products

12 Pack $38.50

Rich in antioxidants, this is the perfect flavor for any occasion, not too sweet, refreshing, fruity. A true delight in every sip!

12 Pack $38.50

Longing for the summer? With a great source of antioxidants, fiber and water which keeps you full and hydrated, dive in to the tropical heavens with our pineapple celery flavor!

12 Pack $38.50

With over 230mg of potassium and 120mg of sodium your hydration couldn’t be better! Not to mention it’s natural freshness that will make you want more.

12 Pack $38.50

Full of flavor and with a touch of tart, just the perfect party in your mouth! Are you ready for a refreshing drink capable of strengthening your immune system?

HydroN is for everyone

Whether you are young, an adult, an athlete, or simply looking to replenish your electrolytes, HydroN is the way to go.

Why cold press?

per serving






Refined Sugar

Nothing is healthier than natural ingredients

HydroN is composed of raw natural ingredients and doesn’t contain added artificial or natural flavors (flavors artificially extracted from natural sources), artificial colors, preservatives, or refined sugars. 

HydroN beverages are produced in the the heart of Dallas, Texas. GO TEXAN!


I think they are good. They truly quench my thirst. I like the fact that the flavor comes directly from the fruits and vegetables used rather than added flavors. My two favorites were the fruit punch and the Pineapple Celery. The Pineapple Celery had a strange yet enticing taste. Definitely one you should try.
50 years old

I thought they were all very tasty, especially the red one! I liked the flavor from the red one. It was DELICIOUS, I felt it in my heart"
5 years old

They taste delicious! The one I liked the most was the honeydew, cucumber and lime! I want them all in my house!!
9 years old

I liked ALL of them although my favorite was the Honeydew Cucumber! I would like the limeade Parsley to have a bit more of a salty taste but that is just my personal preference. They, without a doubt quench your thirst. HydroN is something I would drink when I wake up, before going to sleep, and of course during the day! They didn't cause any heartburn (which I feared because of the reflux I have) on the contrary I felt my stomach settle! I have NEVER seen these combination of flavors!!! Totally innovative mixes.
48 years old

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Experience Superior Hydration in its Natural Form!

HydroNation is dedicated to promoting healthy, hydrating beverages for athletes and the general public.

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