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The concept behind HydroNation began in 2014 with Emiliano’s desire to change the way people view hydrating sports drinks today. During his training sessions, Emiliano, co-owner of HydroNation and national rock-climbing competitor, never felt satisfied and fulfilled drinking popular sports brands due to their high sugar levels and chemical formulations. At this point, Emiliano decided he would create his own sports drink using cold-pressed fruit juices and other organic and high-quality ingredients.

Whether you are young, an adult, an athlete, or simply looking to replenish your electrolytes, HydroN is the way to go!


Why Choose HydroN?


A cold pasteurization method designed to eliminate food borne pathogens and other spoilage organisms, and extend our products shelf life, while preserving its nutritional value.


Every bottle contains fresh, cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juice in order to maximize quality.


A low glycemic index and a good source of antioxidants, prebiotics, and bee pollen and bee propolis with potential protective effects of the four systems.


Electrolytes are very important to stay hydrated. That’s why we add sea salt, to replenish and provide you with extra electrolytes.

Emiliano Espinosa-Dominguez


Emiliano is a 19-year-old entrepreneur born and raised in good old Dallas, TX. He enjoys traveling and spending time with his family. He also is very passionate about architecture and likes to draw and create house models in his free time. Growing up, he was a youth national rock-climbing competitor. Having climbed for half of his life, he became very interested and, over time, developed a passion for health and wellness. With this newfound interest, he cofounded HydroNation to show the world that earth’s simple ingredients can often provide the things our bodies need the most.

Patricia Dominguez


Paty was born in Mexico to a close-knit family in which physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual health was encouraged. Since she was a child, she showed great sensitivity towards people in need and her intense desire to help aliviate those needs.

A Montessori teacher specializing in children with disabilities, she has dedicated more than 30 years to educating a great diversity of children in their first six years of life, a crucial stage in the human being.

Seeking the child’s integral development has been an essential part of her teaching practice and her family.

Very proud mother of two young entrepreneurs who were very physically and intellectually active since they were little, required a healthy and balanced diet, which we have tried to date.

Paty feels delighted to contribute with a healthy product for all ages. Proud to be a co-founder of HydroNation.

Felipe Espinosa


Felipe is a veterinarian and a neuroscientist. He was born in Mexico City into a pretty large family. Growing up, sports were a big part of his life. As a direct correlation, so was his nutrition, thanks to the massive influence his father had on them. He is also a proud father of two boys, an outdoor and food enthusiast, and have a ton of love and appreciation for the arts. As someone who believes in the importance of a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle, He is proud to be one of HydronNation’s owners as he strives to do his part in providing the world with a healthy choice.

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HydroNation is dedicated to promoting healthy, hydrating beverages for athletes and the general public.

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